I have touched on subjects in Never Answer to a Whistle such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I have always been a keen promotor of honest communication between men about problems that we may suffer from. Problem is, men tend to suffer in silence. This is not necessarily the best way to sort things out.

Women, on the other hand, have a sort of ‘built in’ advantage. They tend to ‘externalise’ their problems quite easily. Women get together with friends and chat quite happily, in fact, some men would be absolutely shocked by the content of some of these conversations!

I have managed to do get men talking in various settings – whenever I get the chance!!

I do not have a degree in psychology or any qualifications in Counselling but I have studied the subject avidly over many years and deeply think about the subject. I often joke that I have made some very bad decisions in my relationships in my life – been around some very nutty women (not my lovely wife Heather, she is incredibly sensible – fortunately). This has meant that I have had to study psychology to survive these relationships!

This knowledge has also been applied to my job as a Flight Simulator Instructor/Examiner to promote improvements in flight safety amongst the flight crew that I train.

I would be very interested in seeing whether there is any feedback amongst the male readers of the book as to whether a blog about these matters would take off…. We’ll see but I will actively engage in any conversations.