A Cold, Cold Dish

by Michael Howard

Based on a true story, this is the extraordinary tale of a drug-smuggling pilot running heroin out of Southern Iran, to an island in the Persian Gulf, in a Twin Otter aircraft.

There, under the guise of ferrying oil workers around the Gulf from Das Island, our pilot skulks off to Iran every now and again to acquire the drugs, flying into the remote mountains of Iran with the cash and then back out with the heroin. Once out of the clutches of the Iranians, the narcotics are dropped onto oil tankers to be distributed around the world.

On one unfortunate and unlikely trip, he's ambushed - driven by greed, someone wanted both the money and the drugs. A nightmarish shoot-out ensues. He gets away but his best friend, who helped him with the loading of the drugs, is not so lucky however and gets shot in the spine, resulting in confinement to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The pilot vows to discover the man at the top, the mastermind behind the trade and the culprit of his buddy's life-changing injuries, so he can wreak his revenge.

As a result, he embarks on a perilous journey, which involves the Mafia, money laundering and, of course, dicing with a very dangerous man.

Along the way, we meet a gorgeous girl adept at weapons and unarmed combat, and a highly successful bank robber, who is forced to retire by a shadowy Canadian intelligence officer, while we twist and turn towards our final, improbable conclusion.