Tilley Lamps and Tunnels

by Michael Howard

Reuniting the intriguing crew from A Cold, Cold Dish, we take the pilot, the girl, the bank robber, and with the shadowy Canadian intelligence officer in charge, into a series of high-octane and complex adventures.

The intelligence officer is now running the four of them as a specialised 'black ops' team. This group rescue and repatriate 'deniable' operations agents who have got themselves into extreme danger or difficulty in all sorts of locations you might imagine; from Northern Ireland to Kenya, as well as Eastern Europe and beyond.

Our tale begins with the daughter of a man, who worked for the Canadian high commission in London, who had died very suddenly.

After his passing and a heartbreaking funeral, she has to begin to clear her father's house. The emotional, grieving and vulnerable girl goes through his home office to discover, hidden from normal, everyday view, an undisclosed safe, and contained within that safe are numerous files which include mission details.